Monday Moanin’ | 2014-02-24


Moaning and groaning on this beautiful Monday morning, while lamenting about some of the things that are in the news here in The Bahamas.

monday-moanin-graphicGood News!  PLP mouthpiece Bradley Roberts says Ishmael Lightbourne, the government’s VAT cheerleader, should be excused for not paying his property taxes for ten years because Lightbourne is a “good Christian”.  Hallelulah.  Since everybody in The Bahamas is a “Christian”, guess none of us have to pay our taxes anymore.


Bank of The Bahamas sent out a big press release saying they are going to sue the PUNCH for reporting that the bank is in financial trouble and that the incompetent manager, Paul McWeeney, made a bunch of sweetheart loans to PLP cronies.

This is a typical Bahamian response to criticism. The tactic is to very publicly threaten a lawsuit, even when you have no intention of carrying through with the threat… usually because whatever was reported is true.  We’ll wait and see if the bank really goes ahead with the suit, or if the threats are just another press release ploy in an attempt to fool the public.  We noticed that the PUNCH made no retractions in this morning’s paper.


Why does the media always refer to Peter Nygard as a “billionaire”?  While he is definitely rich, his net worth is not even close to a billion dollars.


Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell has denied that the Bahamian government is involved in the smuggling of illegal migrants to the United States.

That’s probably true from an official government standpoint.  But it does not quash suspicions that there are certain high-ranking government officials and prominent Bahamian business persons who are involved in human trafficking.

Mitchell said the government is working closely with all US agencies to combat human smuggling and trafficking of persons.  But if that were true they’d bust the people at the top of the trafficking ring… they know who they are.


If you really want to know why The Bahamas is so screwed up, just take a look on Facebook to see all the Bahamian Groups that have been formed.  None of them are even worth joining.  Almost all of them are filled with politically-biased people who contribute to the polarization of our society.  And 90% of the comments made are garbage that show the ignorance, selfish, greedy, closed-minded, black crab attitude that is destroying this nation.  Most of these fools need to stop their nationalistic, party-centric nonsense and get a life.