Monday Moanin’ | 2014-02-17


Moaning and groaning on this beautiful Monday morning, while lamenting about some of the things that are in the news here in The Bahamas.

No better way to encourage a culture of crime than to have our Deputy Prime Minister partying with the numbers kingpins.

And why do those numbers guys get to buy big houses and fancy cars with the illegal money they’ve made?  Why isn’t that money confiscated like it is with drug dealers?

Is Perry Christie slipping further and further into dementia?  Now he’s telling people that things are all good with the Bank of The Bahamas… but is it?

After losing the referendum to legalize web shops, Prime Minister Christie needs a new way to keep the numbers flowing.  So, he’s forming another crony “committee” to take the blame for getting his number bosses straight.

All the talk about protecting our environment and marine life, yet there are at least 3 different current developments that are bad for the environment; including in Bimini, Abaco and Blackbeard’s Cay.

Every chance they get, government ministers will wax on about women’s rights, yet nothing has yet been done to reverse the discrimination against women that is part of our flawed Constitution, and little is done to protect Bahamian women from rape and assaults.

I read that the United States is concerned that one of Deputy Prime Minister Phillip Brave Davis’ buddies, a numbers kingpin, is allegedly involved in a massive human smuggling ring which the Bahamas government fails to crack down on.

After all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the FNM’s sale of BTC, it appears that the PLP government is going to sell BEC at a fire sale price, to a group of PLP cronies who are hiding behind a foreign shell company.

DNA Leader Bran McCartney said it would be a “sad state of affairs” to see a Christie vs Ingraham election in 2017.  What is even sadder is that the DNA may be the only other choice.