Using The Web To Create Public Awareness


One way to strategically build awareness of almost any cause or issue is to use the Internet to tailor the experience to targeted individuals. One of the great features of the Web is that people with similar interests can get together, without regard for time or location, to share information, thoughts, plans and ideas. There are specialized communities of interest, for virtually any topic, from pets and gardening to politics and the sublime. Businesses can specifically target communities of interest across the globe. Individualizing the Web experience allows people and businesses to raise awareness on almost any topic.

Join an online forum where topics of interest to you are being discussed. For Bahamas issues try the Bahamas Community Message Board. There are several forums and topics ranging from current news and events to the environment, society and culture. There is even a community announcement forum to publicize events and notices.

Here are some other simple ways that one can use the Web to increase public awareness on specific issues:

Targeted mailings: Start an e-mail contact list of like-minded individuals who are interested in learning more about your issue. When you come across articles, news, or relevant information, forward it to everyone on this list.

TIP: It is best to do this using a professional mailing programme so you do not abuse the privacy of others by copying the email to dozens of people, with all the email addresses visible to others. A lowcost mailing solution can be found at e-Newsletter Service.

Email Signature: Create an email signature to add a clever phrase or quote that’s meaningful to you into the tagline of all of your e-mails. A simple e-mail signature will remind others of the importance of your issue, giving them an opportunity to educate themselves about the topic. You’d be surprised by the impact of such a simple thing!

Create a Website: Make your own website in support of your cause. If your organization has a budget, engage the services of a competent website developer. If money is scarce, use a free or low-cost website builder or create your site from scratch by visiting a few of the thousands of how-to sites on the Internet with free templates and even free server space. Once you’ve created a focus for your issue there are countless ways to use the Web to educate the public and make your point. There’s no reason to put this off any longer, the time to start is now!

Start a Blog: Blogging is all the rage and there seems to be no better way to disseminate information faster than via the “Blogosphere”. Google offers a completely free blogging service which allows you host your blog on their server or your own. This blog is created using the Blogger service. Plenty of other free blogging services and software are available by searching for the word “blogging” in Google. It takes five minutes to set up a blog and the ability to raise awareness of your issue is enormous.

TIP: Your website or blog will get more respect and better search engine rankings (more traffic) if you publish it under your own domain name. Find tips on selecting a domain name, register a domain name and find other business services by visiting the Bahamas B2B Business Services page.

If you or your organization already have a website, then pump up the volume by including fresh, relevant information and news about your specific issue. Use your site to educate people about your topic. This is one way to get the word out with very little effort.

There are also a variety of Bahamas community services available on Bahamas B2B that can help spread the word on issues of importance to you. Try posting a message on the BahamasB2B Forum, place a free classified ad, or write a feature article that highlights your topic or issue and submit it to BahamasB2B and other online media. Companies can submit business press releases which will receive a local and international audience.