Advertising in The Bahamas


Whether you are looking to reach a highly targeted audience or communicate to mass users, Bahamas B2B can meet your
online advertising objectives.  Advertise on and use the power of our network to reach tens of thousands of qualified buyers per month.

Ability To Target

With several topic specific channels, BahamasB2B can reach almost all areas of interest. So no matter who you are trying to reach, BahamasB2B can deliver your target audience.

For example, if you are trying to reach local Bahamians, you can advertise exclusively on our Bahamas Channel on To reach more of a foreign or tourist market you could advertise on our Bahamas Travel pages.

If you need to reach the financial sector, you can advertise specifically within the Financial
pages, or pick and choose from any of the following targeted areas: Offshore, Insurance, Real Estate or Business Services.

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Broad Reach consists of one of the most complete online portals and business-to-business resource centers in the Bahamas.  Launched in August, 2000, our web site is visited by over 100,000 unique visitors per month.  The website encompass thousands of pages (over
180,000 pages listed in Google), generating millions of hits and over 500,000 page views per month. exposes your brand to a mass audience from all over the globe.

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distributing your message to the local Bahamas market, or to the world
contact us now.

Brand Positioning

Your brand will benefit from the association with BahamasB2B’s online community.  Many of our
site visitors understand and share the interests of your target audience. We have a loyal and attentive audience. Some BahamasB2B users have been visiting our website, almost daily, for the entire ten years of our existence. This personal relationship between BahamasB2B, advertisers and users makes us a unique advertising environment. It puts your brand in context and leads to higher click-through and purchase rates.

To benefit from an association with BahamasB2B’s online community, contact us now.

Supplement Your Existing Advertising

Get more mileage out of your existing advertising by leveraging the power of the Internet. There are a number of advantages to online advertising, especially when used in conjunction with your existing offline advertising.

Web advertising is more targeted than traditional advertising and comes with a guarantee that the ads will be seen. An advertiser never knows how many people actually *see* their ad in a newspaper or magazine, but ads are hard to miss and traffic is easy to track when advertising on a Web site.

Online ads stay with people longer too. Newspapers are often discarded the next day, but because most visitors to our site return at least twice a week, ads on keep working for you all month long, time and time again. And online customers are generally more educated and affluent as well.

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Customized Advertising Packages

To really take advantage of the marketing power of the Internet, talk to us about our customized advertising solutions.

We will work with you to create specialized, and even interactive content, specifically for your target market.  Combined with banner ads, text links, newsletters and other ad strategies, we can create a package of online advertising vehicles all designed to work synergistically for a price lower than you think.

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