Aeropost explains decision to shut down Bahamas operations

Aeropost explains decision to shut down Bahamas operations


NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Logistics technology company Aeropost announced that it would cease operations in The Bahamas this month, a choice a press release from the company assured was not made easily.

“Despite our best efforts, the Bahamas remained the only market among the 30+ countries we operate in where we did not experience material growth,” the statement read.

“This stands in contrast to the overall success and expansion Aeropost is experiencing globally. As we are currently enjoying record growth due to our strategic partnerships and logistics services, particularly with our Asian distributors, it became imperative to focus our resources and efforts on markets where we are seeing significant and sustainable growth.”

The statement noted that the company pivoted at the beginning of 2024 from operating a marketplace to becoming a pure logistics technology company, which caused a “record-breaking” second quarter. However, the company acknowledged that this necessitated a reevaluation of its operations.

Aeropost assured that all packages arriving at its Miami warehouse by June 14 will be shipped to The Bahamas and available for pickup at its main warehouse at 106 University Drive, Thompson Blvd.