Choosing a Web Hosting Solution


What Type of Web Hosting Account Do You Want?

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress Hosting provides automatic setup, backups and software updates paired with 24/7, award-winning support. Get started in just a few clicks.

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Business Hosting

Business Hosting gives you the ultra-fast speed of a Virtual Private Server with a super simple control panel — a perfect fit for those who don’t have tech skills but still need powerful hosting.

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E-Mail Services

All of our hosting solutions come with e-mail accounts. You need an e-mail account because you can’t use one company for a domain’s website and another for the domain’s e-mail; you can assign a domain to only one server. So e-mail comes with your Web hosting account. But you have several options.

You can use your own Control Panel to retrieve e-mail sent to your domain, regardless of what appears to the left of the @ sign:,, and so on. With some of our plans you can also set up multiple accounts, so that one person can access all the mail to, say, admin, while another person gets all the mail going to sales and another receives mail to Fred. Any mail directed to an address not covered by a particular
account will go into a default account.

Depending on the hosting solution you select, you will be given from 2 (our most inexpensive package) to 30 (our most popular package) e-mail accounts. We also have hosting solutions that will allow you an unlimited number of POP accounts.

You also have the option of mail forwarding. This will allow you to forward e-mail somewhere else, so you can pick up your mail from your ISP or AOL account, for instance. Tell us how many forwarding accounts you may need and we will recommend the right hosting package. Also — this is very important — our Control Panel makes it easy to set up forwarding (this also goes for the next feature, auto responders). Some hosts expect you to be able to program CGI scripts, while we provide an easy-to-use form.

Auto-responders can be very useful, and all of our plans include them. In fact, all but our most basic plans allow for unlimited auto-responders. These allow you to set up mail accounts that automatically send pre-configured messages to anyone who mails to the accounts. This is a great way to send out product descriptions and sales blurbs, for instance.

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Telnet and FTP

All of our business hosting solutions offer 24/7, unlimited FTP account access to your website. If you expect to allow people to download software from your site, you should be sure to get one of our packages that lets you set up additional FTP accounts or even anonymous FTP access.

E-Commerce Options

Want to sell products on the Web? Setting up a shopping-cart system couldn’t be easier, and Bahamas B2B offers a variety of different solutions which can be tailored to your specific needs. Most of our hosting plans offer shopping carts, ranging from a very basic solution to the very best in the industry. All of our plans also offer secure server capabilities at no extra charge. SSL certificates are available for an additional charge.

Programs and Utilities

All our hosting plans come with a robust Administration Control Panel that allows you to administrate your server with a Web browser. Web site statistics are available with every hosting plan and we offer a variety of pre-configured scripts allowing you to add counters, forms, guestbooks etc. to your site without having to do any serious programming.

Who’s Behind our Web Hosting

We offer a variety of hosting packages with state of the art technology and facilities but we realize that the most important aspect of a web hosting relationship, for you, is the level of customer service you receive. While BahamasB2B is a technology oriented company, we realize that good people are critical to the success of any business. We pride ourselves on the skills and professionalism we strive to achieve. When you receive customer service from BahamasB2B – whether it’s via e-mail, phone or our support and social media pages – We want you to know that you are in contact with people who truly care about the success of your business and will do everything in our power to make your web hosting experience worth recommending to your friends and associates.