Money Laundering and Harmful Tax Practices

Offshore Investing

Here is a collection of PDF files that were originally published by BahamasB2B in 2000, during the time when the OECD was threatening to Blacklist The Bahamas for not complying with international standards against money laundering. These are PDF files available for download.

Little has changed over the last 20 years.  The problem with tax evasion and money laundering has only increased and, once again, offshore jurisdictions are receiving unwanted attention from the G8 (now G7) countries.

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Report of OECD Working Group on Characterisation of E-Commerce Payments
1.2.2001.  Report from the OECD.

OECD Working Party Commentary on the creation of Permanent Establishments in E-Commerce  12.2000

Corruption Around the World: Causes, Consequences, Scope and Cures.
2000. Prepared by Vito Tanzi for the International Monetary Fund Foreign Affairs Department.

FATF to Expand its Anti-Money Laundering Campaign and Review of Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories. 27.09.2000. Report from the FATFOECD.

Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering. 1999-2000 Report. A Report from the FATFOECD.

FinCEN Advisory  07.2000.  Advisory from the US Dept. of Treasury, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.  Subject: Transactions Involving The Bahamas.

Framework for a Collective Memorandum of Understanding on Eliminating Harmful Tax Practices 
20.11.2000.  Document that sets out the steps that the OECD is asking blacklisted jurisdictions to take in order demonstrate “a commitment to transparency, non-discrimination and effective co-operation.” 

Global Anti-Money-Laundering Guidelines for Private Banking 
30.10.2000.   Wolfsberg AML Principles.

International Challenges to the Offshore Sector  2000. 
By Dr. Marion Williams, governor of the Central bank of Barbados.  Article from The Financial Regulator.

Money Laundering  07.1999.  Policy Brief by the FATFOECD.

No Longer Business As Usual, Fighting Bribery and Corruption 
2000.  Governance, from the OECD.

Public Trust: Ethics Measures in OECD Countires  2000. 
Report from the OECD.

The Fight Against Bribery and Corruption  09. 2000. 
Policy Brief by the OECD