Getting to Abaco Island

The Abacos

Since Abaco is regarded as the “boating capital” of the Bahamas, most people travel to the Abaco Islands by sea. Whether you are sailing your own vessel or planning a boat charter, you will find ample marinas and marine services.

If you are flying into Abaco plan to arrive in Marsh Harbour (MHH) which is basically the hub point of the Abacos. Several commercial airlines and private charters service Marsh Harbour from various points in Florida including; West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. For information on flight times and availability ask your travel agent about the following airlines that service Marsh Harbour:

Continental Connection

The following charter airlines also service Abaco:

Abaco Air
Air Sunshine
Cherokee Air

Abaco Island

Getting between Abaco Island and other Bahamas Islands.

Charter Air – For information on air charters and charter air services visit the Bahamas Web Directory Bahamas Air Charters page.

Mailboat – Inter-island mailboats depart from Nassau and run weekly roundtrip to/from all islands. The mailboats are a leisurely way to get around. One-way passage to just about anywhere costs around $35, ranging up to $140 for some round trips. Remember, these mailboats run on Bahamas time, so they’re a great way to slow down to the steady rhythm of the islands. For a list of all Bahamas Mailboats with island destinations visit the Bahamas Mailboats page on

Private Boat – You can always charter a private boat to get you where you want to go, on your own time. You will find boat charter companies in the Bahamas Web Directory Bahamas Boat Charters page.