Shaunae Miller Cheated When She Dived For The Gold

(Matt Dunham / AP)

The headline, of course, is nonsense. Shaunae’s dive was perfectly legitimate and she won the gold medal fair & square.

Sadly, very few people will read what I just said. Because low information people only read headlines before commenting, re-posting or attacking.

Even sadder, these ignorant fools really believe the nonsense they read. They think because it is posted online, it must be true. Rather than researching, thinking or analyzing, they just jump off the cliff like the other lemmings and join the masses of sheeple at the bottom.lemmings_jumping_off_a_cliff

They do not care about the truth, they only care about fitting in, agreeing with the masses and belonging to the flock. No independent thinking, no critical analysis, just follow the leader, whether the leader is a phony pastor, a corrupt politician or a media jackass looking for higher ratings.fake-pastor1

This is why there is so much negative garbage posted about Donald Trump. It is posted and shared by ignorant fools who gobble up everything the biased mainstream media publishes, even when it is nothing but lies.

99% of the negative information you see and hear about Donald Trump is nothing but bullshit, published by people who want to continue to control the minds of the sheeple.

Wake Up People!