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All We Are Saying Is Give PC A Chance

Perry Christie
Perry Christie

“All we are saying… is give PC a chance”.

(with apologies to John Lennon)

People are saying that it is wrong to dismiss this latest reincarnation of the PLP until they have had a chance to prove themselves.

Well, Perry Christie says he will appoint his new Cabinet by Friday.  He wants to discuss with Philip Davis beforehand, he added.

First, let’s see if he lives up to that deadline.

Second, if he appoints the widow of a known drug czar as Governor General, or if he appoints any of the scandal-tainted cronies from his last term to his new Cabinet, we’ll know he’s full of, well, you know what.

So, Friday is the day we learn the sincerity of Mr Christie’s intentions.

I wait with baited breath.

3 thoughts on “All We Are Saying Is Give PC A Chance

  1. I know that we all have freedom of speech but shouldn’t a publication like yours be unbiased, by most of your recent articles it is very evident and clear you have a bitter taste in your mouth with the now elected party. It is also clear that the Bahamian people have forgiven the now elected party for past mistakes, why can’t that be respected, why would any sensible smart person hope for a person or a government to fail, or believe that they will based on past failures, have you ever failed at something but decided to try again, think of the outcome, I’m sure you got better and better each time. Life is about living, learning and moving on.

    1. Thanks for your response Kela. However, this is a blog, not a news publication and it reflects my personal opinion, which I am entitled to express, just as you are entitled to express yours. BahamasB2B News is a different animal. lol Some of the news (articles posted by News Editor or News Admin) is posted by free-lance BahamasB2B associates. But a lot of the news is posted by members of the community, whose opinions and method of expression do not always reflect the opinions of BahamasB2B.com. I agree that life is about living and moving on and I hope The Bahamas continues to move forward, upward, onward together.

    2. Perhaps it would be better to say that a VERY LARGE NUMBER of the “Bahamian people have forgiven the now elected party for past mistakes” – if much of what is stuck in my craw could truly be defined as a mistake.

      However, my point is simply this; that when Mr. Christie won the last time and promised a “kinder and gentler” PLP, I actually fell for it only to find that I turned blue in the face waiting for the proverbial leopard to change its stripes.

      Not Mr. Christie so much, who seemingly wants nothing more than to be seen as the gentle giant. However, to have to watch his Members of Parliament continue to embarrass this great country of ours with their shenanigans while there was evidently nothing the kind and gentle PM could do about it, well that almost made ME vomit.

      It is not a matter of forgiveness on my part because on Tuesday, May 8th. I understood and accepted the reality that Perry Gladstone Christie was my Prime Minister just as much as was Hubert Ingraham.

      No, on the contrary, I wish to support the government. My concern is that there are just so many vindictive and unprincipled people surrounding Mr. Christie, and I worry whether he stands a chance fulfilling any agenda that required strong leadership.

      In any event, I have five years in which to find out . . .

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