Create a Company Web Site


The most visible component of a web presence is, of course, a web site. Every business should have a web site that, at a minimum, acts as an online brochure for the company.

When designing your company web site, try to remember that the number one reason people visit Web sites is for information. You have to give people a benefit for visiting your site. Many companies, new to the Web, don’t fully understand this. Some companies publish nothing but a straight sales pitch online, telling site visitors how great their product is. That simply won’t cut it on the Web. You must keep in mind “what’s in it for the customer?” You must talk about your customer’s needs, and how your product fulfills them.

So, not only has the site got to look good and present a professional image, it has to provide some useful information. The old saying ‘content is king!’ is still a valid mantra on the Web. I am not talking about divulging corporate secrets or writing doctoral dissertations, but you should be prepared to give away something, information at least, for free. It’s the starting point for building up a relationship with your visitors.

Find out why you need to be online and What Makes a Web Site Successful for ideas on how to make your web presence more effective.

Be sure to include an easy to find “Contact” page that provides your address and phone number. However, with all the email spam in today’s cyberspace, you may want to consider having an online form where site visitors can submit an email to you, rather than posting your email address.

You can find a list of competent Bahamas Web Designers in the Bahamas Directory.

If you have the time, and want to build your own site, you can use our Bahamas Web Builder. It is a fast, easy way to build and maintain your own site. The Web Builder features tools that allow you to incorporate into your site all the latest bells and whistles without knowing a thing about HTML or programming, and without spending a fortune on web development.

If your company is not online, you are missing out on one of the most powerful tools for building your business in today’s global marketplace.