Building Customer Relationships


Publish An Opt-In Electronic Newsletter

Another way that you can using the Web for small business publicity and promotion is to publish an opt-in e-newsletter.

Electronic newsletters are an excellent way to nurture customer relationships and keep in touch with key audiences. E-newsletters allow you to deliver newsworthy and useful information to recipients who opt in to your mailing list and who can opt out at any time.

When publishing and e-mailing newsletters, be sure to only use opt-in mailing lists. Send your newsletter only to those who have opted-in by providing their e-mail addresses to your company for the purpose of receiving your newsletter. You can also send it to friends, vendors, customers or prospects of your business who have requested similar information in the past.

To ensure that your list includes only those who want to receive your mailings, include an opt-out offer at the conclusion of each newsletter.

Consider your e-mail address lists important assets of your company. Protect the addresses of recipients by hiding addresses when mailing the same message to multiple people. You can do this by entering your own address in the “to” line of the address box, and entering all other addresses as blind carbon copies. Or, use a professional newsletter distribution service.

Be sure to comply with the CAN Spam ruling.

Create a useful newsletter and your subscription list will continually grow.

Generate interest in your newsletter by including a link to your newsletter sign-up page and offering free subscriptions on your Web site and in other marketing materials.

Use your newsletter to promote your Web site and products by featuring links to your homepage and important site pages. If your newsletter references a particular product, for instance, be sure to include a link directly to that page on your site.

Always include your physical address and telephone number, so that those who want to talk to a person have the contact information they need.

Newsletters can benefit your business by encouraging frequent communications and web site visits, delivering news, providing answers to frequently asked questions and conveying tips, instructions, advice and other useful information.

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