Bahamas Art Auction


The Bahamas Art Auction is Temporarily Suspended

Buy or sell works of art with our online Bahamas Art Auction – featuring unique, authentically Bahamian Fine Art.

Online auction featuring unique, one-of-a-kind, authentically Bahamian Fine Art.

Okay, we admit this isn’t exactly e-Bay, but it is a great way to buy high-quality fine art directly from the artists. With the money you save, you can buy your own wine and cheese.

Seriously, art can make a good investment and this is a good opportunity to invest in fine art from recognized and talented up-and-coming Bahamian artists.


Current Bahamas Art Auction Items

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Champions by John Cox

Baghdad by John Cox

Weightless (1) by Heino Schmid

Weightless (2) by Heino Schmid

There is a Crack in Everything (1)

There is a Crack in Everything

The Wizard and the Apprentice

The Wizard and the Apprentice (2)


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