Flora and Fauna: Exhibition by Bahamian Artist Dyah Neilson


From underwater scenes to dry land, and from coastlines to the thick of Bahamian coppice forests, soft colours and tropical scenes play a prominent role in the work of Bahamian artist Dyah Neilson, who is known for the use of metaphors in many of her acrylic paintings.

And her newest exhibition, Flora and Fauna, which is slated for December 2 at Oasis in Sandyport, Neilson, is certain to please longtime fans of her work and win over some new ones.

From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. members of the public are encouraged to stop in and see some of Neilson’s newest paintings along with the many other offerings in Oasis.

The 26-year-old artist said that nature is her biggest inspiration for the pieces that will be on display and available for purchase at the event.

“Specifically for this event, I’m taking my inspiration from the natural Bahamian environment, pulling from the beauty in our surroundings,” said Neilson.

Neilson’s intricate brush strokes detail the feathers of local birds, the shimmer of fish scales, the delicate markings on sea shells, and the unique texture and shape of tropical plants and flowers. In many cases, those details are contrasted with shades of blue and green that sweep across the canvas, inspired by the unmatched colours of Bahamian waters and vegetation.

Neilson said her love and appreciation for nature were developed early in her childhood, fostered by her father who made sure to expose her to native flora and fauna.

“My dad would take us driving around Nassau and on walks to look at the tidepools and all the different birds,” she said.

“We felt so fortunate to grow up in a country with this extraordinary natural beauty. So, that’s really played a tremendous role in both my life and my art.”

Twenty of Neilson’s pieces will be featured at Oasis, ranging in size from large to small, some framed and some unframed.

“We want it to be so that people with different budgets can still come in and find something they can take home,” she said.

Neilson, who has been employed at Oasis for three years now, said the show has been a long time coming. And she thanked Oasis Proprietor Brooke Pyfrom for the opportunity, and for the generous decision to not take any commission on the sale of her pieces.

Pyfrom said the decision to host the show and to allow Neilson to take home the full value of the art sales seemed like the best decision.

“Dyah has been such a fundamental part of our team for some time now, so I wanted to find a way to really support her, thank her and make it worth her while,” said Pyfrom.

“We’ve been really wanting to work together in this way and bring her art into the store, so we’re excited to finally be doing that.”

Pyfrom and Neilson said it’s their hope that the event will be a good start to the holiday season for anyone who has time to support.

“I just want everybody to come and have a good time before Christmas,” said Neilson.

“People can come in, have drinks, socialize, and get to see both what Oasis has to offer and what I have to offer, and build more relationships that way.”