painting by Ana-Lisa Wells

Sell Your Bahamas Art Online


If you are an artist, you are also an entrepreneur, a business person, in the business of selling art. Yes, we know most artists hate to think of themselves that way, but those would be the starving artists. And that gets old pretty fast, about the time you get out of art college and have to start paying your own way.

Let’s face it. If you want to have the time and freedom of mind to be creative, you need to make some money so you can live comfortably while doing so. There is no better way for an artist to make money than by selling their artwork.

Which brings us to how BahamasB2B can help you market your art to a local and an international audience.

  1. Add your web site to our Bahamas DirectoryThis option is for Bahamian artists only. Our high-profile Bahamas Directory is one of the largest collections of high-quality, hand-edited Bahamian websites available anywhere. Our web directory pages are ranked at the top of the search engines for a variety of valuable Bahamas-related keywords. There is no charge for the listing but not every submission is accepted.
  2. List yourself in the Bahamas Creative Directory on the Creative Center Bahamas website. The website is visited by creatives throughout The Bahamas and from countries around the world. Great exposure to the creative community. And it’s free.
  3. Post your Art News and Events – Once you join BahamasB2B (also free & takes one minute), you can post news and events related to your artwork, art projects or exhibitions. A good way to showcase your art to a larger audience.

If you have any questions or need assistance getting involved, please contact BahamasB2B.