Self: I-valuation Exhibit

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On Friday, August 6, 2021, Sixty 2 Sixty Gallery hosted an art exhibit featuring artists Jalan Harris, Javon Nixon and Justin Moultrie. The trio produced self-portraits along with portraits of each other ranging from realism to dreamy and surreal.

Portraits of the artists by Javon Nixon
Left: Justin Moultrie | Middle: Jalan Harris | Right: Justin Moultrie
Left: Justin Moultrie | Middle: Jalan Harris | Right: Justin Moultrie


“It was a reflection of our subconscious…the way we view each other which inevitably shows us how we view ourselves.”

Jalan Harris

Though each art style is distinct, the artists often fed off each other’s drive to insinuate a deep connection between the three.

“We have pretty reserved personalities. We often empathized with each other’s frustration during the show’s inception but kept it really light-hearted. It was overall a positive experience.”

Jalan Harris

“The show gave me a reason to show my artistic craft. It gave me a reason to examine myself, but also in contrast to my peers. Through minimalism, I tried to understand what is ‘enough’ to get an idea across. The show gave me a reason to express my true voice. My process is intricately related to the artists I work with. It gave me a perspective on self. ”

Javon Nixon

“I wanted the works to be colorful yet simple. The backgrounds were my focal point, which would gradually pull the viewer into the actual portraits. My aim was to challenge the aesthetic of the typical portrait. We worked within a short space of time. I wanted to tap into what it would mean to look at a reflection of yourself.

Justin Moultrie

Bahamian Venus by Justin Moultrie

The show is up until September 6, 2021 at Sixty 2 Sixty Art Gallery on Bay Street and Victoria Avenue. Gallery hours 11a.m.-5p.m., Monday through Saturday.