Cyril Stevenson


Born: 1914
Died: 6-Nov-2006
Location of death: Nassau, Bahamas
Cause of death: Alzheimer’s disease
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Black
Occupation: Politician, Journalist

Executive summary: Mr. Stevenson became a founder of party politics in The Bahamas when, in 1953, he joined with William (“Bill”) Cartwright and the late H.M (later Sir Henry Milton) Taylor to form the Progressive Liberal Party.

“Cyril St John Stevenson was probably the most intelligent and determined of the (PLP’s) founding troika, and probably for that reason was regarded by Bay Street as the most dangerous.” — Michael Craton

Mother: Alice “Lulie” Farrington
Wife: June
Children: Billy, Sandra, Ray, Michael, Clark

Founding member of the PLP and representative for South Andros. Editor of the Herald newpaper. Author of two books. Bahamas Information Services.

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