Diabetes, Education, Lifestyle: Making The Connection

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ACE Diabetes is launching an awareness campaign in collaboration with BAF Financial & Insurance (Bahamas) Limited, and Cash N’ Go. The objective of the campaign is to expand and reinforce awareness of the connection between diabetes and other health conditions, whilst educating, and encouraging people to take a more active role when it comes to their health

“One in seven Bahamian adults has diabetes or is pre-diabetic, and 50 percent of these persons do not know,” said Dr. Graham Cates, founder, director of ACE Diabetes.

Over the course of the social media campaign, which will run throughout 2021, people will be made aware of how diabetes affects almost every organ in the human body, including the heart, kidneys, eyes, feet and immune system, skin, gut and mental health

Diabetes is multifactorial. Genetic predisposition is a major factor in diabetes, but lifestyle also plays a vital role – particularly in preventing the onset of diabetes, and in keeping it under control. Bahamians are born with a high genetic predisposition to diabetes. Combined with poor lifestyle choices like eating fast food, an increase in obesity and a lack of exercise it’s like a ticking time bomb.

Good health starts with prevention. Getting annual physicals and knowing where your health stands is important in preventing, or living well with diabetes. The campaign will put emphasis on educational aspects of healthy living, including the seven key areas of self-management for those living with diabetes; healthy eating, being active, monitoring, taking medication, problem solving, reducing risks and healthy coping.

ACE Diabetes is excited to partner with BAF and Cash N’Go. Over the years, BAF has proven its commitment to the Bahamian community.

“Over its 100 year history BAF has partnered with many organizations aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, health education and awareness. BAF is happy to form a new partnership with ACE Diabetes, Diabetes Education Network and Family Medicine Centre for diabetes education and awareness,” said Deborah L. Parker, BAF Vice President of Health & Employee Benefits

“Diabetes is a silent disease impacting Bahamians of all ages and walks of life. With the right diet, exercise, education and awareness we can all do our part to fight against diabetes in the Bahamas; even those already diagnosed can reverse some of the effects and live healthier lives. Joining Cates in this cause is an exciting venture for BAF.”

ACE Diabetes is a non-profit organisation, established in 2012 by Dr. Cates and his wife Anita Cates to address the overwhelming need in The Bahamas in regards to diabetes. “ACE” stands for “awareness, compassion and education”. Its goal is to reduce the burden of diabetes and its long-term complications in The Bahamas.