BISBA Announces New Board, Ramps Up Presence

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The Bahamas Investments and Securities Business Association (BISBA) recently announced its new board of Directors and revealed plans to establish a stronger presence in its role as the umbrella organization for finance and investment professionals residing in the Bahamas.  

“As financial services proved its resilience even during the COVID-19 pandemic that crippled so many other sectors of the economy, we in the industry realized that as individuals participating in the business of investments and securities, we were not being recognized for the strengths we brought to the sector as a whole,” said newly-elected president Andrew Rolle. “Bahamian citizens and residents serving in the securities and fund management business may be called upon to promote The Bahamas as a jurisdiction. There also exists a gap in which the skills of professionals, particularly those serving as fund managers, are not skills understood. We at BISBA want to fill that gap in a manner that affords a stronger presence and a better appreciation and understanding of what it takes to be a professional serving in a trusted capacity.”

Elected to serve along with Rolle are Delphino Gilbert Cassar, Vice President; Peter Cartwright, Treasurer; Reece Chipman, Secretary and Anthony Stubbs, Director and Immediate Past President.

“We believe that Bahamas based investment fund managers, broker dealers including international and local firms in addition to their service providers (administrators, lawyers and accountants and others) serve as a very sustainable niche of the financial services industry,” said Rolle, who holds a degree in law and spent more than a decade in private banking before opening Mundo Advisors. “We have had tremendous interest in relation to membership in BISBA and we are excited to carry out our initiatives over the next two years.”

BISBA, formerly known as the Bahamas Association of Securities Dealers, was formed in 2003 and serves as an industry association representative on the Bahamas Financial Services Board.  

According to Rolle, BISBA’s initiatives will include establishment of The Bahamas as a leading jurisdiction for investment fund managers and broker-dealers with highly focused programs relevant to the sector, providing a “robust and unified lobby to the regulators on a consistent basis” to voice the concerns and issues that impact the members and the development of local private investment firms where major infrastructure and investment projects can be spearheaded and driven by Bahamian investment professionals.

“With a cooperative spirit to advance the vibrance and efficacy of the securities industry and markets for all stakeholders, BISBA strives to provide a membership-based hub for researched policy advocacy, educational advancement and will serve as a gateway for credible networking opportunities” said Vice President Cassar.

Former Directors include Anthony Ferguson, Antoine Bastian, Brian Jones and Ivylyn Cassar. For more information, email or visit