Author Releases Bahama Edu-Fun Books Series For Youngsters


“Children often learn by doing, and they primarily do what they see,” says Mrs. Teri M. Bethel, the author of a newly released children’s book series, Bahama Kidz Edu-Fun books. Published by Inspire Publishing in the Bahamas, Polly’s Little Secret and A Goat Called Billy are colorful rhyming picture books geared to teach children (ages 4-8) foundational elements for their personal grooming and courteous behavior.

With seventeen published books under her belt in several genres, mostly related to family enrichment or skill development, Mrs. Bethel is a proponent of strong families. As a ghost-writer and publisher, so many heart-wrenching stories have crossed her path regarding the mistreatment of children. She believes it’s never too early to teach children life lessons and let them know they are valuable. Noting that each child was born for a purpose, as adults, it is our responsibility to lovingly guide them to fulfill their destiny. “This begins with foundational elements to be built upon,” the author said, “but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun learning them.”

Among the topics covered in the book series are bullying, personal hygiene, overcoming bed-wetting, mistreatment of animals, balancing playing with reading/schoolwork, and much more. Mrs. Bethel believes that many of the lessons will encourage children to think about how they treat others and themselves. A father of two compared the books to the Royal Readers series—something that is sorely lacking yet much needed with children acting out against civil society. He found the topics necessary as a parent and believed the lessons would positively impact children early in life. Ms. Colleen Aitken, a former pre-school teacher, homeschool mom, and writer, said the collection was cleverly penned, noting that the stories were “easy to digest, easy for kids to remember, and just all-around cute!”

Veteran Language Studies professional and Homeschool Facilitator in Eleuthera, Mrs. Marguerita Matera, says, “both books not only capture a practical lesson for young children but clearly are stories that present valuable content.” What she really enjoyed were the intriguing poetic features that cause the reader to take note. Though they touch on sensitive areas in today’s society, Mrs. Matera believed the stories were tactfully written.

Mrs. Bethel says her books, with their timeless, relatable stories, partner with parents, grandparents, guardians, and teachers to strengthen families and build healthy communities. “This series helps to build character in children and to reinforce good habits,” Mrs. Bethel stated. The first two books in the series are available at Logos Bookstore and Nassau Stationers in Nassau, Office General in Governor’s Harbour, and by ordering on