Kayak Challenge Slated For November


The Abaco Cancer Society and Friends of the Environment are working together to present Abaco’s third annual Kayak Challenge on Saturday, November 9th at Pete’s Pub & Gallery in Little Harbour, Abaco.
Based on the first year’s success with more than 50 paddlers participating in inclement weather and an even more successful second year with 80 paddlers, both organizations are hopeful that The Kayak Challenge will continue to grow in 2013.
One of our focuses this year will be to try and ensure a higher presence of paddlers from other islands. To this end, we have managed to secure a commitment from Bahamas Ferries to run the ferry service from Nassau to Sandy Point, Abaco to accommodate the paddlers. There will be a discount of 25% per person and 20% per vehicle. However, the catch is that they will require a minimum of 6 vehicles and at least 40 individuals.
We must have the minimum requirement by October 1st. So, advance registration is a must! We are also happy to assist with queries regarding accommodation and will assist with transport of crafts to Little Harbour.
Any craft you can paddle will be welcome, including kayaks, paddle boards and canoes – just no engines! There will be 3 courses to choose from: 3 miles, 8 miles, or 15 miles that will take paddlers into and through the scenic tidal creeks of the Bight of Old Robinson, which is included in the proposed East Abaco Creeks National Park. Support boats will be on hand to assist paddlers, make sure they stay on course and provide water and snacks.
Paddlers will be welcomed back with a beach party at Pete’s Pub featuring a local band. FRIENDS and the Abaco Cancer Society are seeking business sponsors to support the event.
If you are interested, please contact sasha.fair@gmail.com
More information about the event is available on the Friends of the Environment’s website: www.FriendsoftheEnvironment.org, on the Friends of the Environment’s Facebook Page or under the Facebook event 3rd Annual Kayak Challenge.
By Sasha Fair