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So, you are a fashionista? Show off your knowledge of fashion in The Bahamas.

This quiz, with questions on fashion then & now, will put your knowledge to the test.

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Which American TV personality was featured on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine, outfitted by Bahamian Fashion designer, Theodore Elyett?

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  1. Which of these Bahamian model agents recently passed away?

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Which Bahamian Makeup artist or glam shop was responsible for Kenya Moore´s glam makeup look during her trip to The Bahamas in June of 2021?

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Which of the following was responsible for winning the Silver Jubilee award in 1998 on behalf of Andros Island, Bahamas.

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Which Bahamian model was contracted to work with Wilhelmina Model Agency in 2013?

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Which famous American Model was granted permanent residence in the Bahamas in 2006?

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Which world renowned fashion showcase was held in the Bahamas in 2014?

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Which Bahamian Fashion Designer, created a custom maternity gown for International model and TV personality, Eva Marcille?

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Which American actress and Calvin Klein Model was married to part-Bahamian musician, Lenny Kravitz?

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Which Island is Bahamian magazine, 'Nu Woman' based out of?

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