Spring Nail Art Trends


As we welcome a new season, it’s time to give your beauty routine a refresh—nails included. Let this be your reminder to think of spring nail designs as a means of self-expression, just like your makeup or outfit choices.

“Spring is the perfect time to experiment with nail art because the warm weather announces that it’s time to have fun!”  says Jin Soon Choi, editorial manicurist and founder of her namesake nail-care brand.   “And best of all, your toes are more likely to make more of an appearance during spring, so there are 10 more reasons to have fun with your nail shade and design.”

Whether you want to keep it classic and simple or sport a larger-than-life mani, let your nails make a statement this spring. Below, celebrity nail artists highlight some of the best spring nail trends to inspire your next trip to the salon (or at-home manicure).

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