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Beauties At Brunch

The Bureau of Women’s Affairs is celebrating its 50th Year of the Suffrage Movement Worldwide. The Suffrage Movement is about women campaigning for the rights of all women as it relates to work, finances, social equality and equal rights in general.

We hope to bring awareness to Bahamians especially Bahamian women at large while transcending over ages, race, social groups and classes. The perfect platform, it seems to include Premium Venue, Atmosphere, Fashion, Food, and Entertainment.

The four part series, will culminates each fashion season, launching the latest Couture designers, coupled with honoring some of the Greatest Bahamian Women responsible for Women’s Rights, equality and other defining struggles of what the Suffrage Movement advocates. The fashion event unravels while enjoying brunch and donating to a much needed charity, that of the Bahamas Crisis Center, which is also celebrating 30 years of service to the Bahamian People. Our focus is to bring awareness to the public at large on a platform that is familiar to all ages: FASHION!

The Event:

The Bureau of Women’s Affairs celebrates the 50th Year of Suffrage of Women and the advances made by them up to the 21st century. Cia Monet embraces this opportunity through its brand to bring an awareness of the Movement to women of the Bahamas. We dedicate our 2012 Marketing Campaign to honor and commemorate some of our Great Bahamian Women with a 4 part Series called Beauties @ Brunch which Celebrates Fashion, Sophistication, Professionalism and Poise, by coupling Epic Beauty and Fashion with Premium Venues, Food and Wine.

The venue for Nassau is confirmed at Compass Point Beach Resort It will be hosted by Phyllis Albury Garraway and under the patronage of Mrs. Sandra Dean Patterson with a donation going to The Bahamas Crisis Center. The event will include an option of 3 entrées (fish, shrimp or Cornish hen) plus entry as it is a ticketed Red Carpet Event.

The 4 part series launches designer couture pieces from each fashion season: spring, summer-swimsuits, fall and winter .Each event will feature 4 segments to include casual, resort wear, career and social. Patrons are asked to dress to impress as the event will be recorded live and boast several media outlets. As it is a RED CARPET event.

There are many ways you can become affiliated with the event i.e. Makeup Artist/Beautician/Nail Technician, D.J, Photographer, Media outlet or a Financial Sponsor.

We welcome any suggestions that you may have as to how YOUR Company can mutually benefit while making this event a success. We will have flyers, posters as well as a large media wall for our RED CARPET walk. We will be marketing on Facebook, in newspapers, magazines and radio stations.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Small Business Package: (At -home, New Business, Self Starter Programs):
$200.00 for your logo placement ONLY on all printed marketing material.

Corporate Business Packages:
Beginning at $1,000.00 you will have your logo placement on all marketing material, as well as radio ad mentions.

Title Sponsorship Package:
$2000.00 or more:
You will be tagged along with Cia Monet as a Title Sponsor. Your logo will be placed on all marketing material and you will receive 4 free tickets to the event valued at $50 each. We will also consider your location as a box office for event

Source: Patricia E. Chatti