Bahamians Love Grits

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Bahamians love grits & for good reason!

Grits are a common breakfast among the Bahama Islands. A favourite meal of locals is hot, buttered grits topped with a simple and fresh tuna salad. For those who like it hot, spicy pepper can be added.

Grits is a hot cereal or porridge made from corn. It can come in a white or yellow variety depending on the corn used. To make grits, the corn is finely ground and then boiled in water to make the porridge we know. Depending on the recipe, the grits may be boiled in milk or broth.

Historically, cereals and porridges were usually eaten by hardworking common folk because of it’s availability and cost. The first grits ever recorded in history were made by the Native American Muskogee tribe in Northern America. 

American colonists adopted this recipe, originally made with a stone mill and helped bring it to the Southern states of the United States. Today, grits are enjoyed in many countries and regions. A well-known recipe is shrimp and grits, cooked many different ways but enjoyed just the same. 

Relatively healthy on their own, grits are low in fat and and a good source of iron and folate. Grits are also naturally gluten-free. However, what you cook and top them with can alter their nutritional profile and make them not-so-healthy. 

Although typically served as a breakfast dish, grits can be eaten at any meal. Savoury grits are the most common, with popular toppings including seafood, cheese, and breakfast meats like bacon and sausage. Grits can also be eaten sweetened with sugar, milk and fruits.

What is your favourite way to enjoy grits?