Quiz: How Bahamian Are You?

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By: Gabbi Sawyer

In every culture there are practices that only longtime residents or locals have the answers to. How well do you know Bahamian food culture? Take this personality quiz to find out!

Here are 10 fun questions that will determine how much you know about Bahamian food and eating habits:

1. Which colour sweet pepper is commonly used in our dishes?
2. What is the national dessert of the Bahamas?
3. What are the three sides most commonly eaten with curried chicken and white rice?
4. List 3 summer fruits.
5. If your rice is ‘swinged’ (slightly burned), what can you use to eliminate the odour from the rice?
6. What is the local name for lemonade?
7. Cerasee, Five Fingers, Love Vine, Sweet Margaret and Bay Geranium are all examples of what?
8. Which fish do Bahamians consume that is worth a potential visit to the hospital?
9. What is commonly mixed into sour sop?
10. Fill in the blank, “______ and coconut water”.

Scroll down to find the answers!

Answer Guide:
1. Green
2. Duff (Duff is filled with whatever is in season at the time)
3. Coleslaw, fried plantain and corn
4. Mango, Dilly, Guinep, Watermelon, Sugar Apple, Tamarind, Sour Sop, Avocado
5. Sliced bread
6. We make limeade with limes or ‘sour’ instead of lemons, and it’s called ‘Switcha’
7. Bush medicine
8. Barry (Barracuda)
9. Sweet milk (Condensed milk)
10. Gin

How Bahamian Are You? Check your score below!

Correctly Answered Questions = Your Bahamian Status

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8-10 = 🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸

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