How To: Freeze Bananas

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This is a quick and easy guide on how to freeze bananas.

But first, why are bananas so good for us?

  • Roughly 105 Calories
  • Good Source of Fiber
  • Contains Vitamin B6 (aids in regulating blood sugar)
  • Good Source of Iron
  • Contains Tryptophan (a protein the body converts to serotonin)
  • Anti-Cancer Properties

Research shows that two medium bananas can fuel an intense 90-minute workout, making bananas an all-around superfood.

Okay, enough about how amazing bananas are! Let’s talk about how to freeze them.

Bananas do not have the longest shelf life. Depending how you like to eat your bananas, they may only have a few days of perfect ripeness before they turn to the dark side.

However, spotty and brown bananas are soft and super sweet, perfect for recipes like banana bread, overnight oats and cookies. Also good as an egg replacement in vegan recipes.

To freeze bananas, you’ll want to set yourself up with some freezer-safe containers, a large bowl and of course a bunch of bananas!

You can freeze them at any stage of ripeness, just keep in mind they will NOT ripen in the freezer. You should select the final stage of preferred ripeness before freezing.

Next, start peeling your bananas and use your big bowl to pile the peels. You can use banana peels for this amazing recipe, compost them or just toss them out.

How you arrange the bananas for the freezer depends on how you want to use your bananas once they’re frozen.

If you prefer to cut them smaller, a pro-tip is to slice them, then freeze them in a single layer to prevent one giant banana clump from forming. I’m lazy, lol, so I like to just break them in half and arrange them in freezer bags or containers. (Green tip: If you use plastic freezer bags, you can totally reuse them a couple of times to freeze more bananas!)

Once your bananas are bagged up or put into containers, seal everything tightly and then pack into the freezer. Frozen bananas will stay good for months.

Here’s a few of my favorite ways to use frozen bananas:

  1. Smoothies: simply drop in frozen bananas as you would fresh for a super creamy smoothie.
  2. Nice cream: kick up your smoothie game by making this healthy frozen treat. Simply toss frozen bananas in a food processor and pulse until broken down. Then process on high until a smooth, creamy whip is formed.
  3. Thaw in the fridge to use as an egg replacement in recipes.
  4. Frozen daiquiris: blend with some coconut milk for a delicious summery treat. Add rum for a good time!
  5. Dog treats: smear on peanut butter for a healthy treat for Fido. (Be sure to use peanut butter that contains only one ingredient: peanuts!)

How will you use your frozen bananas? Let me know on Instagram, @inthekitchenwithkris.