Top Bahamas News Stories of The Week


As usual, scandals and crime dominated the headlines this week.  One bright spot was the launch of CariFringe, a 10-day local arts festival with events taking place at different venues all over Nassau.

A story from the United States with Bahamian ties was the top story.  Bishop Eddie Long, the spritual mentor of local Bishop Neil Ellis, is involved in a  nasty scandal that, if true, shows him to be both a louse and a hypocrite.

Neil Ellis Prayer Buddy in Sex Scandal

Bahamian police shot and killed a man on Bay Street, in front of dozens of locals and tourists.  Not good for tourism. The man was allegedly threatening an officer with a box cutter, but witnesses say the shooting was unwarranted.

Bloody Horror on Bay Street

The nine knuckleheads in New York are still a hot topic.

Nine Bahamian Straw Vendors Arrested in US

And more Bahamians behaving badly overseas, this time in Canada.

Bahamian Student Arrested in Canada

A breath of fresh air from all the crazy mayhem was the release, by Bodine, of her new intoxicated video.  BE sure to check it out!

Bodine Johnson Releases Intoxicated Music Video

The Baha Mar development struggles on. I swear, they should abandon the project and just make a movie out of all the nonsense that has taken place.  From Christie’s grand announcemernts, to the soured Las Vegas deal, to the mysterious plans, to the Chinese takeover…  this is a Michael Douglas film in the making.

Baha Mar Resolution Debate On Hold

One of the most popuular articles of the past month has to do with the massive influx of Chinese workers slated for the Baha Mar project.

The Pitter-Patter of 16,000 Chinese Feet

Business might be bad for most of us, but it is apparently booming for numbers boss Craig Flowers.  Good thing, with all those “contributions” he must have to make to politcians and the police.

Numbers Kingpin Buys Chez Willie Property

Oh, this again.

Bahamian Vendors Charged With Possession of Counterfeit Goods

More Chinese workers.

Two Hundred Chinese Labourers To Build Roads in Nassau