Most businesses will require insurance on their Money, which includes cheques (except pre-signed blank ones), postal and money orders and current postal stamps. Cheques are included in the definition for your complete protection, although their loss should not usually result in any money loss to you.


The premiums will depend on the type of business, the location, the amount of money at risk, the quality of the safe and other protections and the claims experience.



Cover is “All Risks” on physical money, which is a very wide cover indeed. However, losses due to clerical or accounting errors or to depreciation in value or to the use of counterfeit money are not covered.

As well as the on-premises risk, the transit risk can also be covered. The most usual transits are between your premises and the bank, or between your different premises.

It can be seen that commercial general insurance is a complicated matter, and is best handled by a professionally-qualified insurance broker or agent, who will also be there for you in the event of a claim. For further information, please contact one of the insurance companies listed in our Bahamas Directory.


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