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PAW MANIA to bring together vets & experts from 4 Countries for interactive session

Pet Food Institute to Offer First Regional Pet Lovers Webinar July 27 

Pet owners and animal lovers will have an opportunity to interact virtually with experts from around the region and beyond when the Pet Food Institute presents the first-ever Caribbean and Bahamas webinar on pet care and pet wellness, PAW MANIA, July 27 starting at 6 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

“The Pet Food Institute is excited to bring together veterinarians and experts from The Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad and as far away as California and Washington, D.C., to share information about pet care and pet wellness in this historic program,” said Mary Emma Young, Senior Director of Communications and Strategic Planning for the Washington, D.C.-based association.

“Among the Pet Food Institute’s work in support of long and healthy lives for pets, the association helps educate and inform those who have or care for domestic pets about the importance of proper diet, exercise and care,” Young explained. “Around the world in, including in the Caribbean and Bahamas, PFI has helped lead virtual and in-person school visits to discuss pet care, and have had frequent professional-level veterinary sessions featuring research and findings. However, this is the first time we have had the honour to bring together such a distinguished group of veterinary professionals to talk and interact with the general pet-loving public, at no cost to participants, who can join the meeting from the comfort of their living room.”

Among the presenters are four veterinarians, including Dr. Andrea J Fascetti, VMD, PhD, Diplomate, ACVN, who will be speaking on allergies in dogs and cats. Dr. Fascetti, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary medicine and has authored over 60 peer-review publications, will participate on behalf of PFI from her home base in California. The second presenter will be a woman well-known to all animal lovers in The Bahamas, Mrs. Kim Aranha, President of the Bahamas Humane Society for the past 12 years and a Tribune columnist who brings a touching animal story to light weekly. She will speak on responsible ownership, tackling the thorny question of to-spay-or-not-to-spay along with the subject of adoption.

Dr. Audrie McNab, DVM, who runs the All Pets Veterinary Clinic in Kingston, Jamaica, the “little clinic with the big heart,” will address vaccinations and managing pests, including fleas, ticks and worms along with pesticide poisoning.

Dr. Kathy-Ann Leon, who practices house calls and relief veterinary surgery medicine in Jamaica as well as having practiced in Trinidad and Tobago, and is secretary of the Caribbean Veterinary Medical Association,  will share information of warning signs never to ignore – excessive panting, drooling or a change in odor.

Having practiced small animal veterinary medicine for 10 years, Dr. Nannika Honoré DVM, now a Trinidad & Tobago Veterinary Advisor, will speak specifically about cats and will address a topic that many cats suffer from – urinary tract disease and other health issues.

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Dr Andrea Fascetti, DVM (California) will speak on the many different types of allergies in cat and dogs during the first regional Pet Food Institute webinar July 27.

Mrs Kim Aranha, President, Bahamas Humane Society will speak on responsible pet ownership, spaying and adoption.

Dr. Nannika Honore, DVM (Trinidad & Tobago) will discuss cat wellness and conditions.

Dr. Audrie McNab, DVM (Jamaica) will address vaccinations and managing fleas, ticks, worms and other pests and pesticides

Dr Kathy Leon, DVM (Jamaica) will tell us about signs we should never ignore in our pets which could indicate a serious medical condition.