From Murder to Murders


Murder in The Bahamas is becoming a daily occurrence, and is showing signs of graduating to murders every day. We appear to be lost in dealing effectively with the killing crisis on our hands.  Are we truly handicapped in solving our murder crisis or are we – collectively – a central and familiar part of the problem?

The streets of New Providence Island are chatty with talks about what’s up with the frequent spree of homicides.  I would like now to throw out an equation which I feel might offer some insights in to what’s happening in The Bahamas with regards to our budding murderous culture.

Here it goes: The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is said to have hired brutal gangs – while in opposition, to commit seriously violent crimes in the society – just to make the ruling Free National Movement (FNM) look bad in the eyes of the electorate.  The PLP won the 2012 General election in a landslide victory; and the viciously rising crime rate was a prime factor in the FNM’s defeat.

The other part of the equation goes like this: The PLP erected signs throughout New Providence – during the 2012 election campaign, which highlighted the murder count under the FNM’s five years rule – from 2007 to 2012.  Is there any connection to this and the gossip that the PLP hired cruel gangs to commit serious crimes like murders under the FNM, for the purpose of winning the government?

Next, we have the buzz that there is a hit-list out there – which was facilitated by a high ranking Cabinet Minister – to kill a number of gangsters in The Bahamian society.  We know that the vast majority of murdered victims to date in our country are gangbangers and persons known to the police.

Next, there are talks on the streets that some members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) are intricately involved in the systematic and ruthless murders of which we are experiencing today.

Next, we have a known PLP kingpin gangster/campaigner who was coincidently locked-up shortly after the PLP’s victory in the May 2012 general election; and he appears to be in Fox Hill prison for the foreseeable future.  It is being rumored that the PLP head gangster campaigner in question, was the chief dirty works coordinator of sadistic crimes under the FNM government of 2007-2012.

Next, we have a very angry man in Nassau Village – who has warned us on Facebook recently, that we should enjoy the calm – as the storm is coming.  This person appears to be absolutely displeased about something to do with a member of the Christie Cabinet.  It is also whispered that this person in fully aware of the aforementioned hit-list; and that he might possess an initial copy of the same.

Next, we have, perhaps – for the first time in our history – two Cabinet Ministers who have confirmed that they have been given permits to carry handguns.  Why, what’s up?  Only two Ministers, why not all members of the Christie Cabinet?

Something is awfully wrong in The Bahamas just now.  It’s like according to the saying: sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

By Dennis Dames

1 thought on “From Murder to Murders

  1. I do understand exactly where Mr. Dames is coming from. This situation have not just started, it began years ago, and only became worse, since the Police began to carry guns. I told my late Step-Dad that it was going to come to what is going on in the Bahamas, and he laughed. I wish he was around to see what is going on, but he passed away in 1996. While living in the Bahamas I saw so much injustice I refused to stay there and deal with it, so I took myself and my young child out of the situation it is so sad that it had to come to all this violence. Prayer changes things, all I can do is pray and hope and pray that all Bahamians begin to pray as well.

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