Flight Attendants Share Secrets for Flying with Children


Traveling with a toddler is no vacation if you’re not properly prepared.

Here, experienced flight attendants share their secrets for flying with young kids.

With cramped airplane seating and busy waiting areas, flying isn’t the most pleasant experience—and all of the frustration increases exponentially when you add a rowdy toddler into the mix. Little children simply don’t have the patience for airport security. They despise sitting quietly for hours on end, and they get scared of the ear-popping changes in air pressure.

Thankfully, though, you can have a worry-free travel day with proper preparation and planning. Whether you’re jetting off to your relative’s house or Disney World, check out these stress-reducing strategies for flying with a toddler. Some of the tips came straight from flight attendants (all of whom chose to remain anonymous for the article).

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