One Response to “Role Models: The Recipe For a Better Bahamas”

  1. I believe there are plenty of good role models in The Bahamas, both individuals and community based organizations. The problem is not the necessarily the lack of good role models and the super abundance of bad examples, but the lack of attention and respect shown by the community, society and certainly the media. The media in particular plays a profoundly impactful role in societies, worldwide, not just in The Bahamas. Certainly they are a business and as such are entitled to the financial rewards for their work. Certainly we are also entitled as Jo Public to be informed of all that goes on in our society which means reportage on crime and other issues which might affect our lives. However, good news is perceived as dull and doesn’t sell as well as bad or sensational news.

    In most first world countries, all of which the third world wishes to emulate, sports figures, pop stars, etc. are not only “allowed” to get away with all kinds of anti-social behaviour but are excused for it because of their specific ‘talent’. One standard for the ‘rich and famous’ and another supposedly for the rest of society. You will note that I do not include politicians or church leaders in these comments because surely no one in their right minds is left on the planet who believes any politician or church leader anywhere, with few exceptions, is going to serve as a role model!

    The issue goes back, in part, I believe to the most fundamental one – that of education and teaching of individual and civic responsibility, as well as ethics in the home and at school. But which comes first? The chicken or the egg at this stage?

    There are many young people here who work hard to do well academically or in sports and live a sensible, healthy life but we never – or rarely – hear their stories. I suggested once before to a newspaper here that it would be wonderful to have some of these young persons be interviewed or write their own stories and view points and demonstrate that they too have leadership qualities and a stake in their own country. Children listen to their peers more intensely, in my experience as a parent, than they do their parents or teachers.

    I know many people here, artists, business people, community workers who, every day, quietly go out and make a difference – they deserve more respect than they get and definitely more visibility.