Bahamian Artists Team with KFC Nassau for Mural Project


KFC Nassau’s marketing team appointed nine Bahamian artists to promote their new sandwiches with a mural project. What began as a zoom meeting, the artists were encouraged to have complete creative control over their designs. Both seasoned and emerging artists had the opportunity to execute their own style in a public space.

“Utilizing the restaurant walls as a new space for art gives KFC the opportunity to share these talents with the community.” 

-Joanne Cates | Director of Marketing, KFC Nassau

The artists Dahar Butler, Allan Wallace, Deime Ubani, Tiffany Rutherford, Wedlelar Eugene, Minolta Butler, Stefan Legend, Theo McClain and Katlyn Rolle worked at their own locations, successfully giving birth to a vibrant initiative for the public to enjoy. Be sure to check out these amazing pieces on your next visit to KFC in Nassau. 

Article written by Jalan Harris for BahamasB2B