Three Hacks for Perfect Rice Every Time

Food & Dining

Cooking rice can be a paradox for many. Something so simple, yet equally challenging.

The amount of water you use for cooking rice will vary on the variety you choose. For example, wild rice tends to take longer to cook and requires more water, while sushi rice cooks quicker and requires less water.

It’s always advised to follow the cooking instructions listed on the package of rice you are using for best results. But before you get started, here are three life-changing hacks for making the fluffiest, most perfect rice every single time.

#1. Rinse your rice. No matter which variety of rice you are cooking, it’s important to rinse it several times before cooking. Add enough cool water to cover the rice and swish around with your hand, then drain. Repeat this step 3-4 times before cooking.

#2. Cook your rice in broth. A super simple game-changer. Replace all or even half of the water needed for cooking your rice with your favourite broth. If you’re watching your salt intake, look for low or no sodium broth.

#3. Never stir rice while it’s cooking and let it rest for at least 15 minutes after cooking before digging in. Try this tool for fluffing and scooping rice.

Now that the secret’s out… what are some of your favourite ways to enjoy freshly cooked rice?