Oswald Brown’s Vindictive Diatribes

Oswald Brown
Oswald Brown

Who else is tired of Oswald Brown’s bitter attacks against Hubert Ingraham and the FNM?

Brown used to be a fairly responsible Bahamian journalist writing for the Freeport News.  Then, he became a Hubert Ingraham cheerleader.  Now, he is a bitter, spiteful, anti-Ingraham, pro-PLP zealot.

I don’t know why the Freeport News, who fired him a while back, continues to publish his vindictive diatribes almost every day.  It is interesting that the paper publishes Brown’s rants as letters to the editor, rather than giving him his column back.

Brown, Forrester Carroll and Leatendore Percentie seem to spend half their days formulating letters to the editors of local newspapers and web sites, with the intent to attack Mr Ingraham and the FNM.  They have all lost any credibility as most of what they say is jaded political hogwash. All three are drunk on too much PLP kool-aid.

I do not know why the local papers continue to print their nonsense.

But it is Oswald Brown who is the most annoying, seeing as he used to be such an Ingraham fanatic.

How anyone could change their political allegiance as much as Brown has, in such a short period of time, is beyond my understanding.

I am always suspicious of people whose values shift with the wind.  Maybe that’s why I would never vote for Bran McCartney.

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