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Did you know that the age of your website may affects your rankings in the search engines? At least on Google.

Most small business owners are aware that high rankings on the major search engines are influenced by the number (and quality) of web pages that link to your site.

Links from popular and highly relevant web pages have a bigger impact on your search engine rankings than links from less popular or less relevant pages.

However, a new patent application with the name “Ranking Domains Using Domain Maturity” indicates that there may be another factor that helps search engines to determine the quality of a web page.

The abstract of the new patent application contains this food for thought:

“Ranking domains for search engines is provided herein. To rank a domain, contributing domains associated with the domain are identified. Additionally, the maturity of each of the contributing domains is determined.

A rank for the domain is then determined based at least in part on the maturity of each of the contributing domains. The domain rankings may then be used to order results for search queries.”

This seems to indicate that Web pages that have links from older domains may be ranked higher than other domains in the search results. Newer domains may have to earn respect before being given higher rankings. Perhaps because newer domains are more likely to be spam or part of a link system that tries to skew search engine algorithms.

Domain names are cheap and some domain name registrars even offer free domain registration and trial periods. Spammers can easily take advantage of these offers to build a network of websites that link to each other (a so-called link farm).

The new patent describes how search engines can use the age of websites to determine the value of their links. For example, links from websites that are several years old could have a high effect on the search engine positions of the ranked sites while links from newly created websites might not have any effect at all.

Of course, the age of the websites that link to your site is not the only factor that influences the position of your website in the search result pages.

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