Kudos for Stan Burnside Cartoons


I love Stan Burnside. Well, I mean I love his cartoons that appear in the Nassau Guardian. I think he is right up there, with some of the best political/social cartoonists of our time. Not only is he poignant and relevant – he seems to capture the essence of Bahamian society’s mood for the day – but his characterizations of public figures is wonderfully humorous.

In the cartoon below, for example, he has completely captured the likenesses of Duane Sands and Ryan Pinder. You don’t even have to read the text, or know what’s going on to enjoy this cartoon. If you know Sands or Pinder, you laugh out loud the moment you see the cartoon.

Mr Burnside’s characterization of George W. Bush was among the best ever done. Although, Jim Morin of the Miami Herald also did a wonderful job depicting Bush also.

There’s another side of Burnside that also shoes a passion for Bahamian culture, ancestors and history. Mr Burnside is a well respected fine artist (see image below), as is his architect brother, Jackson. Stan considers himself a ‘landscape artist,’ painting the ‘landscape of his mind.’

Talented man, talented family.