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Parasailing in The Bahamas
Okay, what is the ideal Bahamas vacation? Some would say aimlessly lying on the beach, slathered with suntan lotion, sipping a brain-freeze cold Goombay Smash decorated with a tiny pink-and-yellow paper umbrella and a pineapple wedge. Maybe others would prefer a hammock under a shady tree, but the point is that a vacation in the Bahamas is usually reserved to escape the chaotic rush of everyday life. And that's a good point.

But for those thrill seekers among us who love the water and the sun but find baking on a beach just a bit boring, you'll be pleased to know that there are some exciting activities to kick your adrenaline into high gear.

Let's start off slow though. For a mellow ride that will still get your heart pumping try parasailing. It's effortless and the view can not be beaten. For those who want to challenge their skills, windsurfing is another popular activity. How about we kick it up a notch or three. Want something more adventurous, diving with sharks ought to do it. It's the ultimate adrenaline rush and Stuart Cove's Dive Center serves up the perfect adventure. You don't need any diving experience.

Maybe you want to get up-close to the sharks but not exactly in their environment with them. Understandable. Powerboat Adventures offers a white-knuckle high-speed boat excursion to one of the most beautiful spots in the Exuma cays. Here they provide everything from an lip-smacking buffet lunch to an exhilarating shark wrangle. And if it all just wears you out, well, just find a spot on the beach, slather yourself with suntan lotion and sip on that ice-cold Goombay Smash.