Ultimate Travel Hack You’ll Want to Remember Next Vacation

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This travel-safe addition to your suitcase is proven to lower stress during your island trip. Just pack one of these into your travel bag and turn your Bahamas AirB&B, hotel room or wherever you’re staying into a place of peace and relaxation.

What is this magic thing that claims to make your trip so enjoyable? A scented candle!

Your scented candle doesn’t have to be specifically for aromatherapy, but if you can find an aromatherapy candle with a scent you enjoy, that will definitely work. When choosing an aromatherapy candle, some scents to look for include:

  1. lavender – relaxes instantly both mind and body.
  2. clary sage – lifts mood.
  3. cinnamon – makes you feel refreshed.
  4. orange – reduces stress.
  5. lemon – improves mood.
  6. apple – controls anxiety.
  7. peppermint – wakes up your mind and enhances focus.

Otherwise, any scented candle with a scent you like will be perfect. Make sure it’s not too large, so that you have no problem fitting it into your luggage.

Light the candle upon arriving. This will balance the space you are staying. Experts have also said scent is strongly tied to memories, so by using this scent on your vacation- you are subconsciously making memories tied to this smell.

Use the candle to wind down in the evening or to get ready in the early morning. The soft flicker of a candle is so relaxing. Coupled with a pleasant smell, the scented candle can really change the atmosphere of where you’re staying during your island getaway.

Take the candle to the bathroom with you. Light the candle when you’re using the facilities to leave it smelling wonderful even after you’re done doing your business. This is especially nice to have if sharing a bathroom with a travel mate.

To pack the candle for your Bahamas vacation, you’ll need to wrap it in something first. Use old newspapers first to tightly secure it, and then wrap in a plastic grocery bag. If these are unavailable, use clothing! Simply wrap your candle in a sock, scarf, t-shirt or tank top. Just be sure it’s securely wrapped and packed intelligently, you don’t want it to break while you’re getting to your destination.

Remember: You will need fire to light your candle, which typically is not allowed on airplanes. Score a lighter from a local pharmacy or drug store, or find matches at a bar or restaurant. At a hotel, you should have no problem finding either.