Bahamas Back-to-School Trends


It’s the back-to-school season again. Back to early mornings, study sessions, and plenty of homework. No matter what grade or year you’re going into, how you look can greatly affect how you feel. Put your best foot forward with these hot back-to-school fashion trends.

Wearing the latest trends doesn’t have to cost much. Forget designer and brand-name clothing. Look through the sale racks at your favourite stores, ask for hand-me-downs from friends and family, or shop bargain and thrift stores rather than paying full prices for fashion. 

This year’s Fall trends are all about looking cool but being comfortable. Inspired by 90’s fashion with wide-leg pants and jeans, loose-fitting pieces, and easy, lightweight fabrics. 

Don’t shy away from color this Fall! Bold and saturated hues, pops of lavender, and busy prints will be big this season.

Some of the hottest back-to-school trends this season:

High-waist, wide-leg bottoms

Whether you prefer pants or jeans, look for wide legs and a high and fitted waistband. Rock with a crop-top or pair baggy with more baggy and wear with a loose-fitting band tee.


Look like you’re going to the gym, without actually going to the gym. Matching sets and streetwear-inspired sneakers will look cool day or night. High-tops are super in season.


From t-shirts to sweatpants, tie-dye is popping up on everything. Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff in head-to-toe print. It’s totally on-trend and totally trippy.


Sneakers or sandals, platforms are back. Stack on a few inches and pair these with anything from sweats to dresses.

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